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16 August 2021

CrystalSoft's WinRefine source code become public

by Dario Cancelliere


WinRefine was a very popular software for Windows in 2009-2014 years, and today, I’m happy to share the source code since the application got now deprecated and not more “officially” downloadable from the new CrystalSoft website.

Mentioning Softpedia:

Intuitive system tweak program that helps you preview files (images and videos) and play audio items in the background as soon as you hover your mouse over a target file

Source Code

You can download the latest source code from 2010 directly from the CrystalSoft official repository:

The application is made in two parts, one is the main DLL WinRefine.dll and the second one is the view WinRefine.exe.

Download old WinRefine releases

You can also download the installer and standalone old WinRefine from here.

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