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25 September 2022

Paybord: a new personal project for a free and detailed page for digital payments

by Dario Cancelliere

A unique, free, detailed page for your digital payments


Last month, I got a new idea from my “creative hat” about a new service, that basically act as service that works as an aggregator for your ways of payment.

paybord is a single, simple and unique way to show your digital payments with a custom link that shows your payment providers and channels.

The story behind the name

You can surely notice that the name is a bit strange, actually it could be considered as a misspelled name. In fact, a correct name should be payboard.

The main reason behind this decision is the domain name of course, but while I was struggling about the name, then I discovered that etymologically, the term “bord” in old english, is an obsolete word for the same word, and it means “board” anyway.

The project

The main idea could be summarized in:

“Get paid sharing your payment details, simply and customized!”


You have been surely found yourself through a situation where you have to pay a friend or an Artist, a Musician, a Streamer, a YouTuber or someone that has many ways to receive money, but you didn’t know the email address of PayPal or other useful info to be sure that you send money to the right person, you get confused many times in how many payment ways a person can receive their money and this is an error-prone situation for sure.

Also, how many times you want to expose your payments ways, but every time you forgot a link or is just a struggle to go on every service to generate the relative payment link?

Bonus point, you want to share your IBAN or ABA coordinates with your Swift as well, but you don’t remember it and you then go into the Bank app for export those coordinates, I think that is a very slow and ripetitive operation, and it happens to me every time!

With paybord, I want to solve all of those struggles and simplify a potential daily operation, with a single entry-point and safe link to share with your friends or professional people.

More details

Basically, with paybord you will be able to claim a custom link in the form of paybord.com/name-surname, with a customized and short bio description and the possibility, to add payment links for any available payment services out there such as your Bank Account coordinates, PayPal, Satispay, Venmo etc.

This is an early project UI of a user shared profile page, please note that is an early-production screenshot and everything could change drastically:


The plan

The project is still in early development and is merely work in progress, but you can expect news soon as I’ll be working on by the next two-months.

The site is under construction, but you can reach it just here: https://paybord.com

I’ll appreciate a lot if you could follow project’s socials in order to stay updated about the progress:

Please up-vote my project on ProductHunt too and stay tuned! ;)

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